I’m always overwhelmed when I walk in a manufacturing plant and see miles of endless charts on the wall with red and green dots. Individually, I know that chart means something to one or a few people, but collectively my brain is blurred at answering the most basic questions:

“How are you doing?” 

"Are you on track?"

"Do we need to intervene?"

I have to remember that these boards on the walls are meant for project teams and committees. They are meant for the plant management team to have “board reviews.” The printed charts on bulletin boards aren’t made for the average front line worker. 

When the manufacturing and packaging front line workers walk by the boards, they probably don’t stop to look. Unless they are responsible for printing and updating the sheet, they probably don’t even know what’s on it or what the goal is.

And if they can answer those questions, can they tell you why you are tracking it? Can they explain what really happens if you improve that metric? Sometimes department managers can’t even answer that question. In today’s world of 15 second attention spans, you’ve got to simplify and focus.

My advice?

Stop trying to track and micromanage all the things. 

You can really only focus on one thing at a time, so pick a metric that is most important to your team and work with them to define a green and red zone for that metric. Then put that metric up somewhere and simplify your walls. Make sure everyone in the organization knows what the metric means and why we care about it, and educate them on how they can impact it. 

Daily Performance

If you get the whole organization able to answer the question “Did I win today?” you’d be surprised how big of an impact it can have.

Ampogee helps your team focus on what is most important to move your business forward. We help you track everybody's work so that everyone can answer the question "Did I have a good day today?" at the end of every shift. 

Can you spare 30 minutes to save 10% productivity?


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